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Jew Bashing: The New Anti-Semitism

Other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among Jewish communities worldwide as a new wave of Anti-Semitic hatred seems to be gathering pace. Jew Bashing is different. Our  investigative efforts and hidden camera operators  reveal Anti-Semitism as it’s never been done before. We capture present-day 21st century Anti Semitism on camera. We give historic context to this New Anti-Semitism


Our goal is to experience this hatred, to understand its toxicity


‘Jews are Nazis’

‘They even plotted the holocaust and 9-11’

‘They control the Economy, the Government, the Media.’

‘ Jews are an evil satanic cult hell-bent on destroying civilization. Oppose them at your peril.’


Beliefs like these are not the deranged ranting  of isolated conspiracy nuts. They are already in the respectable mainstream, from British politicians , some journalists, and  members of the clergy. Websites that encourage Jew hatred rank in the top 1% of most popular websites worldwide.


Jew Bashing will change the way you think. Shot in Full HD as a special feature-length documentary. 


Jew Bashing takes viewers undercover at one of Washington’s most politically-correct gatherings. Occupy AIPAC is a popular gathering of American left-wing anti-Zionist groups. 

Occupy AIPAC: ‘Judaism is a racist religion and Jews commit Pogroms on their holidays’


Delegates tell our hidden cameraman, ‘Jews control real estate, blackmail Congress, start wars, commit Pogroms on their holidays.’

All this barely seven decades after the Nazis blamed Jewish financial power for starting World War One and Two.  


At some Anti Israel rallies . The Jewish nation is  branded ‘a cancer’ that must be ‘cut out.’- the same term used by Adolph Hitler.

                                                                                ‘Nuke the Jews’


Have you ever stumbled across a website that turns out to be spouting extremist hate?

Every day millions of people log onto online forums that espouse hard-core racial hatred. The target of their rage: Jews. Incredibly, sites like Vanguard News Network, Prothink and Real Jew News rate in the top 1% of most popular websites worldwide, as ranked by Alexa.


We travel to backwater towns in Missouri, Indiana, Michigan and Colorado to investigate the murky world of the conspiracy theorists who believe the Jews masterminded 9-11 and the Holocaust. In extraordinary frank interviews, they share their bizarre world with us.


In Kirkville, Missouri, Alex Linder is a shy polite man who happens to believe that Jews should be rounded up and exterminated as soon as possible.


The Islamic World


We secure exclusive interviews with top journalists and opinion-formers in Pakistan and in Egypt. For many in these countries, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a blueprint of Truth, revealing the innate deviousness and danger of The Jew as the ultimate Enemy.


Hatred of Jews permeates popular culture, from “Holocaust Hoax “ cartoons that animate the Iranian TV screen to calls for a “New Holocaust” by fans at Egyptian football matches.


Our special undercover filmmakers pose as sympathetic Anti Semites and get influential leaders to tell all. Hamas leaders and Pakistani   journalists describe on camera the inevitable slaughter of the Jews. How Jews use women to seduce power. How Jews have been the historic scourge of the world with their treachery, the Jews engineered the Holocaust, the Jews have taken over America, and India, and will try to destroy the Muslim world. The solution: Jews should be nuked.

Egypt: One nation for a new holocaust





What happens when well-known public figures get caught on camera making racist remarks? Our secret cameras reveal anti-Semitic hatred is flourishing across Europe. 

Baroness Jenny Tonge, member of the British House of Lords

‘Jewish money runs America’

Expressing Anti-Semitism  is illegal under EU law but that doesn’t seem to matter. We discover a broad consensus that evil Zionists are masterminding a third world war, “acting like Nazis, or worse,” as one speaker invited to address a crowd of university students, opines.


Ex-BBC journalist Tim Llewellyn says, ‘Zionist Jews are strategically placed in British businesses..Jews control the banks and the EU.’


Booker Prize Winner Howard Jacobson serves as our protagonist fighting this new wave of Anti Semitism.


In Sweden, a Jew who openly “looks Jewish” or dares express solidarity with Israel runs the risk of being attacked.

As one Swedish academic explains, they’re basically asking for it. If Swedish Jews show support for Israel it’s ‘as offensive as if a Muslim openly celebrates nine-eleven.’


In France, hate has already moved far beyond rhetoric. In the aftermath of the brutal slaying of a Rabbi and three children in Toulouse’s Jewish school, our camera team becomes a target for local agitators; meanwhile, a local priest tells our cameras ‘It’s impossible to say whether or not this was an anti-Semitic attack.’



Filmed in Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza, the USA and Canada, France, Sweden and Britain, Jew Bashing is a ground-breaking documentary feature.

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